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PyMDb is a package for both parsing the datasets provided by IMDb and scraping information from their web pages.

This package is able to gather information on people, titles, and companies provided by IMDb and is split into two separate modules: one for parsing the IMDb datasets, and one for scraping webpages on


The latest release of PyMDb can be installed from PyPI with:

pip install py-mdb

If downloading the source from GitHub, PyMDb requires the following packages:


>>> import pymdb
>>> from collections import defaultdict
>>> parser = pymdb.PyMDbParser(gunzip_files=True)
>>> genre_count = defaultdict(int)
>>> for title in parser.get_title_basics("path/to/files"):
...     for genre in title.genres:
...             genre_count[genre] += 1
>>> for genre in genre_count:
...     print(f"{genre}: {genre_count[genre]}")
Documentary: 600184
Short: 837912
Animation: 312227
Talk-Show: 584252
Reality-TV: 307037
Adult: 178493
>>> scraper = pymdb.PyMDbScraper(rate_limit=500)
>>> title = scraper.get_title("tt0076759")
>>> print(f"{title.display_title} came out in {title.release_date.year}!")
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope came out in 1977!


Full documentation can be found at the PyMDb Read the Docs page.


PyMDb is still in a pre-release state and has only been tested with a small amount of data found on The web scraper portion of the code does have a rate limiter value you can customize, please be kind to IMDb. If any bugs or issues are found, please do not hesitate to create an issue or make a pull request on GitHub. Suggestions for features to be added to PyMDb in future releases are also welcome!

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